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Video documentation of collaborative works with Asbjørn Flø


Asbjørn Flø has recently uploaded video documentation of several of his works to YouTube, including three that I contributed to: Norway Remixed (2002), Erotogod (2001-03) and SoundTracks (2004).

For me the documentation of Erotogod is particularly welcome, as I didn’t have any video documentation of that work from beforehand. I have added that video to the documentation part of this web site.

The documentation of the two other works draws on recordings and video documentation that I have not had access to myself previously. For parts of the video documentation of SoundTracks, the recordings were made by Audun Strype, and the sound quality is far superior to anything I had previously.

In a few weeks Asbjørn will be visiting Bergen and BEK to work on a commission for a new composition, and we will spend time looking into spatialisation stuff again. I am looking forward to that!

Asbjørn Flø at YouTube





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