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HOWTO: Working with B-format recordings using Wave Editor


A few days ago I posted a two-step tutorial on how to convert ambisonics recordings from A-format to B-format. The second tutorial was posted a few days after I figured it out, and I had already managed to forget some of the details, and got it all wrong.

In the mean time I have hit into further problems in Logic if using a sound card that doesn’t support the sample rate of the original A-format recordings. And, I have figured out that it is much easier and faster to do in Wave Editor. So, here’s a new and improved tutorial.

We start out where tutorial 1 ended: The de-interleaved files have been assembled into one 4-channel A-format sound file.


Open the interleaved 4-channel A-format file in Wave Editor:



Select the layer in the Layer sidebar, and add the SoundField SPS200 SurroundZone AudioUnit plugin:



Adjust the plug-in settings to appropriate values:



Select the layer in the Layer sidebar, and choose Layers > Flatten Layer from the menu bar. You’ll need to adjust a few settings:



Hit OK and have a coffee while it is rendering.

After a while the new document will open. You’ll see it having 6 channels, but channel 3 and 4 contains nothing but silence. In the screenshot below I have changed the color of the layer to distinguish it from the old document:



Select all of the silent channels (3 and 4) by double-clicking them, and remove them using Channels > Remove channels from the menu bar:



You are left with a 4-channel B-format sound file. Save this wherever you want to, and you are done.



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