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Stereo mixing using ViMiC in Logic



I’m currently making a stereo mix of the sound for At the Zoo. The work, a collaboration between Karen Kipphoff and myself, is going to be part of an upcoming video screening.

The original 6 channel version that I made for the ICCI360 festival was spatialised using ViMiC in a way that was custom-tailored to the particular loudspeaker setup (number of speakers, positions and size of the space). This time I am using two virtual microphones, set up as ORTF, and rendering. That makes for a stereo image that will be much more robust to loudspeaker setups of varying sizes without needing to be constantly re-rendered.

The sound track is made up from two layers. One layer consists of six similar voices blending into a joint texture evolving over time, while the other layer is subdivided into three layers, each containing two voices. Each of the three layers comes and goes, creating a joint texture with different timbral colors weaving in and out of each other in a way that might resemble what Eno did for 2/1.

The stereo mix is done in Logic Pro, using 12 instances of ViMiC.


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