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Octogris multichannel spatialisation plugin



Octogris is a multi-channel sound spatialization plugin with up to 32 sources (inputs) and 32 virtual loudspeakers (outputs). Within these limitations, the user may choose any number of virtual loudspeakers and position them freely within the interface to match custom studio setups. Multiple presets are available to alter the types of motion used for spatializing stereo and multi-channel sources.

Octogris is panning-based, and the algorithm is somewhat similar to DBAP in having gain levels depending on distance from source to virtual speaker. Still it differs as the virtual microphones will go silent if the source is further away than the set “source distance”.

It is also somewhat similar to ViMiC, but again, Octogris speakers go silent for distant sources, and does not emulate distance-dependnet delays or early reflections.

AFAIK similar algorithms to Octogris are commonly used in computer games, ensuring that sound sources go silent if sufficient far away from the protagonist of the game.

Octogris is developed at Institut Arts Cultures et Technologies
Recherche-création à l’Université de Montréal. The screenshot above is the 8×8 version of it, hosted in Max using the audiounit~ external (available from the Edge forum).


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