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At the Zoo @ 0 Budget On Screen



What If Artist Group was established in 2010 as a non-profit organization by artist-curators Vik Lai (Chairman) and Beatrix Pang (Vice-chairman). The duo both gained their Master degree of Fine Art in Norway. Eric Wong (Treasurer) is an active blogger in Hong Kong. The group aims to support Hong Kong art by integrating local-produced contemporary art with the community, as well bridging and promoting Hong Kong art to overseas.

Currently, What If Artist Group curates the first project called “0 Budget Project”, which encourages artists to spend “0″ on making art. Artist are challenged to question the relationship between Art and Consumerism. The feedback is overwhelmed and has received surprising amount of submissions from participants all over the world. These works are well received and will be presented in various locations.



A single-screen and stereo version of At the Zoo by Karen Kipphoff and myself was presented as part of 0 Budget On Screen.

I’m not convinced that the fine-grained details of ViMiC spatialisation has come through in the presentation, but it sure looks like an enjoyable event.

The screening also included Storyteller by Jackie Forzelius. I first it on Vimeo a few weeks ago, and recommend checking it out, it’s quite compelling.


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