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Installations and technology


Taken somewhat by surprise we started out by saying that data as such is not that interesting. Stewart said that installations that depend on cutting-edge technology are fine the first year out of date the second and embarrassing for ever afterwards ..

Brian Eno: A Year with Swollen Appendices – Jan. 28th

Pushing technology for it’s own sake might not be interesting. Still I often find that in order to meet my own artistic ambitions and needs in a project it’s necessary to push technological limits. Working on digital sound processing not to mention real time vide processing involves a lot of number crunching. The textural density that we’re able to achieve in real time is nothing compared to what you can achieve with a symphonic orchestra and close to 100 musicians. Most of the sound I’ve been creating for installations have consisted of approx. 3 simultaneous musical layers. I doubt Debussy would find that satisfying.


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