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Fun, Fun, Fun - Bformat encoding of Absynth



For the last few days I’ve had lots of fun playing around with Absynth at my studio.

Apart from being a rich implementation of common synthesis techniques with a simple GUI, it’s the surround capabilities that interest me. I’m currently working on different strategies towards creating B-format audio content for further processing and spatialisation, as a way of doing sound design and content development for an upcoming project. The screenshot above is a Bidule patch.

It starts out with a 6 channel version of Absynth, controlled by a MIDI keyboard. The 6 channels are spatially distributed in a hexagon pattern. The six channels connect to a custom AudioUnit plugin I made today based on the eminent wdl-ol, Oli Larkin’s take on the WDL / IPlug C++ framework for cross-platform audio plugin development. The 4-channel B-format signal is then passed to Harpex for ambisonic decoding.

At the moment I’m playing with a similar setup in Reaper, decoding to 7 channels according to the rather idiosyncratic speaker setup at my studio. Thanks to Harpex, this actually leads to much more articulated spatialisation than a similar setup using a 7-channel version of Absynth with speakers at the same position as at my studio.

The next step now is to see if and how I can control surround panning using LFOs .And the ultimate goal of it all is to be able to use B-format signals as sources in DBAP decoding for a larger loudspeaker rig.

Lots’s of fun….


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