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Versioning Reaper projects using GIT



The Reaper DAW just gets cooler by the day. I’ve just set up a small test project, set the folder up as a GIT repository, and made a few commits. Next step was to branch out, do commits at the two branches, and then merge them back in.

It turns out the the Reaper project format is text based. When merging I got a conflict, as expected, but it was straight forward to merge, and all changes survived.

This means that it will be possible to do distributed editing of Reaper projects. I will be using this shortly (as in the next few hours). I am about to start editing recordings of conversations with Gerhard Eckel in Stockholm earlier this fall. We spent a couple of days reflecting on our artistic practices, and generally talking about sound, space, place and whatever else matters in the life of geeky sound artists.


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