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Ambisonic Toolkit in the wild



One of the nice things about developing open-source software is seeing where it ends up being used. When ambisonics gets used in advertisements for wild gorilla preservation lodges in Uganda, it’s clearly becoming accessible beyond the electro-acoustic music camp.

The Amsterdam-based music and audio production company has made SpookSync3D, a utiity for syncing view direction and play information between the 360 video player Kolor Eyes and Reaper ambisonic projects using Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper. The above video gives a clear and thorough presentation of the workflow when designing ambisonic sound for 360 virtual reality using Reraper and Ambisonic Toolkit. has collaborated on several projects with VR Gorilla, another Amsterdam based studio specialising in virtual reality production. One of the projects they have worked on, the Virtual Gorilla app for Android, is available in the Google Play Store.


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