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Shaking bushes


Tulle Ruth has applied this year for the same kind of Research Fellowship in the Arts that I’ve got . BEK was involved in the development of one of her projects Speaking Mountains during the Cultural City of Bergen 2000.000 I haven’t seen her for a long while so it was nice meeting her again earlier this week. She mailed me an image showing a prototype for Shaking bushes a project to be realized in a Zoo in Toronto. When you’re passing by the bushes starts shaking and making noise.

She has a very nice way of making the loudspeaker part of the object. My approach so far has been to collect as many loudspeakers of the same kind (B&amp W 602) so that I’m able to work on a multi-speaker setup with the same audio quality in all of the loudspeakers. I was buying 4 more at Friday and now have a total of 12.000 I’m reusing the loudspeakers for several projects and so far I’ve not wanted to modify them in any way. Visually speaking a large number of black loudspeakers in a white cube can be problematic. It would be interesting to be able to build my own loudspeakers so that I could make custom-made objects that doesn’t cost to much. Fidelity would probably suffer though.


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