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SOUND ART BANK, is a new Finnish resource for new and current sound art. Sound Art Bank is a database administrated by Artists’ Association MUU. At the SAB website you can get acquainted with artists and their works and listen to sound art tracks. You can also purchase tracks from the Sound Art Bank web shop.

SOUND ART BANK is a new online database in Finland, which collects and archives professional Sound Art. At SAB you can listen to Sound Art, explore background information on the artists and their works. SAB also collects and shares information on current Sound Art Performances, Concerts and Sound Exhibitions. As a way of helping artists, SAB has a web shop where high quality tracks and sound related items are easily distributed and sold.

SAB is a meeting place for artists, curators and other experts as well as potential buyers of Sound Art. In the future SAB will be a valuable research tool and a snapshot of contemporary Sound Art, and will showcase the changing appearance of the impermanent and transient medium of Sound.

The newly opened SAB features a limited number of Sound Artists, but will include 100 artists and their works by the end of the year. It will grow into an active community, where the users can find the latest news and different genres within Sound Art.

Long-term archiving of sound art

The works uploaded to SAB will later be archived in the National Library of Finland. One of the main tasks of the National Library is to serve researchers and archive material for research use. The National Library’s music section has already gathered a good amount of sound art literature, including material on sonic landscapes and other sound art research.

SAB uses Wordpress content management system and after the artists have registered, they can access their own profile pages and easily update their content. The latest tracks and sound related material submitted on the website will be visible on the front page. SAB also has a search engine which enables the audience to easy find works either by genre, format, content, metadata or other search parameters.

Sound art as a whole is a very extensive field that connects with many other mediums. A sound art piece can be, for example, a sonic sculpture, a concert, radio art or a live performance.

The documentation and archiving of sound art are especially important, since often a sound art piece exists only in the moment in which it is performed, unlike video art which can be presented multiple times, or music, which can be transcribed into notation.

Academic interest towards sound art has in recent years grown, as well as the number of sound art galleries. For example in Helsinki there are several galleries focusing on sound art, such as Akusmata, A Listening Room, Third Space and Vuorikaiku sound gallery.


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