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Multi concert and workshop at Borealis



This week the Borealis experimental music festival is taking place in Bergen, and I have one of those work weeks that makes BEK such a great place to be. Thursday we are doing yet another Multi surround sound concert at Lydgalleriet. It will feature new and commissioned works by Anders Vinjar, Kari Telstad Sundet and Julian Skar. Today we have gotten the rig up and running, and right now Kari is testing out her piece and adapting it for the rig. Kari took part in the Multi workshop that I gave last fall, and it is fascinating to hear the kind of command that she is taking of the system now. This concert will happen twice Thursday, at 17:00 and 21:00, so make sure not to miss out!


Wednesday and Friday I will be hanging out with these fine experimental musicians from Cairo. Egyptian Females Experimental Music Session, featuring Asmaa Azzouz, Shorouk El Zomor, Jacqueline George, Nina El Gebaly, Hagar Masoud and Ola Saad, performs at Ă˜stre Thursday night. Wednesday and Friday I am giving a two day workshop for them. The first day will be an introduction to Reaper and the Ambisonic Toolkit for Reaper. Friday they get their hands on the 24 channel rig at Lydgalleriet, in order to try it out with their own material. We hope to be able to continue the collaboration and bring them back to Bergen sometime later, in order to hear what they might use the rig for.


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