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François-Eudes Chanfrault (1974 - 2016)



The sad news has reached me that François-Eudes Chanfrault passed away a few days ago. He has been one of many friends that I have made around the world among the community of Max developers and users frequenting the Max mailing lists and forums over the years. When Max for Windows was first released, f.e. made a huge contribution towards all of the Max community by porting and compiling many 3rd party externals to Windows, including my filters externals. I also had the pleasure of meeting him in Paris some years ago, when he took me along to one of the better restaurants that I have ever visited in Paris.

Over the past ten years François-Eudes Chanfrault established himself as an important composer of film scores, blending acoustic chamber music, minimalism, electro-acoustics and electronica in a unique and beautiful way. A feature in The Dissolve a year ago hailed him as an innovator of music scores for horror movies:

In recent years, however, genre movie scores have gone one of three ways: carbon-copy sonic imitations of those old Carpenter sounds, nondescript orchestral arrangements that owe nearly everything to John Williams and Bernard Herrmann, or sparse and transparently avant-garde combinations of jump-scare-ready ambient sounds. To hear anything approaching iconic, you’d have to look overseas—in France, specifically, where composer François-Eudes Chanfrault has gifted his aggressively electro scores to hardcore films like High Tension and Inside. In America, though, horror scores have been far less idiosyncratic.

Some of his music can be checked out at Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Rest in piece, f.e.


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