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Reaper nested projects is genius


I just checked out the ability to embed nested projects in Reaper. The above video explains how this works, and this is a killer feature.

The below screen shot shows what the master Reaper project looked like for the Atmospherics 3 installation at Bomuldsfabrikken in Arendal a year ago. As you can see my approach was to compose a series of sonic scenes. Each scene would last for several minutes, typically 3-7 minutes. Each scene would be developed as a separate Reaper project, and rendered. All scenes were then assembled and sequenced, with appropriate transitions from one scene to the next.


One of the limitations of this workflow was that it was cumbersome to go back into the scene projects from the master project if they needed to be adjusted further. By embedding each scene as a subproject it will be much easier to go back and forth between composing each scene in detail, and working on how it fits into the larger picture.


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