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Zylia: Comparing plugins



I am listening to some recent field recordings made using the Zylia mic. I first encode them to 3rd order ambisonics and then decode them to binaural (headphones) using the IEM Binaural decoder.

I am shifting back and forth between using the Zylia Ambisonics Plugin and the Sparta Array2SH Plugin for encoding to ambisonics, to compare how they perform. My initial impression is that the Sparta plugin sounds more clean, spatially articulated and open.

The recordings sound pretty amazing at the moment.

One immediate lesson from this is that when I prepare encoded field recordings as part of the post-processing after a field recording excursion, the name of the encoder needs to be part of the filename. This way, if I use the file at a later point, I can review if I need to do the encoding anew.


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