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Willem Sanders mailed me a link to the web log of Deutch artist Jouke Kleerebezem. “You will see that there is a possibility of having it personalized and at the same time a lot more silent.”

Checking in at the blog reviews that the students of Jill has been writing Terje Urnes’ review of the blog of Ivan Pope subtitled “My life as an artist” catched my attention. I didn’t find Terje’s review particularly useful but Ivan’s blog certainly is interesting. It’s mainly made up of images of works in progress. They are not necsessarily commented on but I find it fascinating to see how the material is evolving as time passes. Here’s a self portrait with computer.

Ivan is also maintaing a minimalist blog called Can’t code won’t code. It is supposed to address issues around the idea that it is worthwhile for artists to learn to write software code in order to control what they do.


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