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Not enough silence


My website is named “musikk fra stillheten” roughly translated to “music from stillness”. This term has been a framework for my thoughts on music and my own music for 20 years now ever since I first got concerned with the ambiend music of Eno and several years before I first learned about Cage or Satie.

The website design was created last year by German design student Moritz Tredup during an internship at BEK. He intended the digital drawing images to be but a rough scetch for further design development but I really liked them the way they were and asked him to use them. I’m quite happy about his design it leaves silence and room in the web pages the illustrations are simple. My music tends to be the same. Even if it can be technically quite complicated the complexity is a mean for me to create life and variation but the overall expression is quite simple and minimalistic.

What is the visual parallell of auditive silence or quietnes?




Low spatial frequency of information?

For me the curent default blog layout is aestheticly inadecvate in a number of ways.

It’s totally text based and it’s densily packed with text. In addition the fonts used are rather large IMO making the text pretending to be “big thoughts or statements”. I’d rather want the blog entries to be “small” and open-ended.

Will I have to blog in a different way as well in order to achieve this?

What is textual silence?

I don’t fancy the heavy emphasis on dates and times. Days with no blog entries simply disappears in the blog apart from being present in the calendar as days of no entry and thus seemingly waisted or unproductive. Why is it so important to emphasise what day and what time of the day the blog entry was made? Do it make the thoughts any different? To me it’s more distracting than relevant.

I don’t like the condensed perspective on time that the blog currently presents if I’ve been away from it for a day or two. That might possibly be the most important days but the blog is denying their existence.

To a certain extent it’s OK that there’s a trace of how the my projects thoughts life and blog developes over time but the date shouldn’t be to prominent or become the framework of all the blog entries. I’ll proberbly leave the sidebar calendar out. Furthermore it’s tempting to remove date and time for listings of recent entries comments and trackbacks in the sidebar. Instead I’d like to add a list of books I read and music I’m currently listening to.


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