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Preparing for the Max workshop has been a hassle. At BEk I knew the system it was a small organization and to me at least easy and fast to do what had to be done. At KHIB I’m amazed at the number of people I have to get hold of in order to know what room to use make sure there’s funitures power supply computers projector headphones you name it. I’ve spent several days trying to organize the workshoop and I’ve been very frustrated in particularly when I didn’t get admin passwords for the Macs so that I could install Max. So far onle the tech staff has known passwords for the computers. In my opinion the teching staff has to be able install programs in the Application folder system folder etc. Installing and updating programs is part of preparing for this kind of workshops.

I’m doing a quiet revolution though (well there’s a bit of shouting and yelling involved). As I get hold of passwords I’m changing to the same one for all the computers and forward to the rest of the teaching staff. I was so mad yesterday at 23:00 when I had still not managed to set up the computers. No-one dared refuse me anymore….

Topics covered for the first day:

We also talked about:

The problem about the current Max/MSP documentation is that it’s aimed at musicians. Art students don’t have the musical knowledge nor the will to work their way through 45 MIDI-based max tutorials and then on to MSP and/or Jitter.


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