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Seven+Eight Years of Sound and Light


For a while I’ve been in touch with two students at the Institute of cultural studies and art history at the University of Bergen. Steinar Sekkingstad is writing his thesis on sound arts in the Nordic countries in the last ten years mainly focusing on installations by Maia Urstad and Natasha Barrett. Erlend Hammer is writing about the installation Seven+Eight Years of Sound and Light by LaMonte Young and Marian Zazeela.

Robert Worby gave a lecture today as well and afterwards Erlend showed documentation to me and Robert and we spent a coupple of hours discussing. Erlend has mailed me scetches for parts of his thesis earlier. So far I’ve only had the time to skim through it but it will be interesting to see how his work will evolve. He’s planning to graduate by Christmas this year.

When I was doing the revised project description for the research fellowship a while ago both Erlend and Steinar provided feedback and suggestions. I find this kind of exchange valuable. According to Erlend there’s also someone in Bergen currently doing a master or PhD thesis on the work of John Cage that none of us has been in touch with yet. We’ll have to track him down…

Another good thing about this kind of networking is that I can get others to check out if something is of interest or not. Right now Jill is checking out if Netbehavior. I hope she’ll let me know if it is worth spending time on… -)


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