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In the past I’ve not been good at documenting projects I’ve been doing always short on time and forced to focus on the next project or administrative matters rather than making proper documentation of past works. It not an ideal sitation. I managed to do some documentation last spring required for the application for the fellowship. Sometimes I’ve ended up loosing money because I couldn’t provide required documentation in due time. Last year I did a 3 week tour of 30 concerts for the Hacker project. The music for the production was a joint commission for me and Frode Thorsen. We got half of the money beforehand and the rest when the commission was fulfilled and proper documentation delivered. In addition composers gets some money from TONO whenever compositions are being played in Norway. If you don’t have a score recording or other kinds of documentation you get none. I got none.

As part of the fellowship program I have to improve on this as I have to be able to document what I’ve been doing during the fellowship period. Lately I’ve looked into video editing and DVD authoring something I’ve never had the time to do before. Today I managed to burn the first DVD of documentation. (Insert ClipArt here)

Sometimes knowledge pays off. A few more copies and I’ll finally get the rest of the Hacker commission fee.


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