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According to information at the DVD player I’ve got at home a Philips DVD761 is supposed to work with DVD-R. I’ll try to upgrade the firmware. Hopefully it will help if not I hope I don’t blow the whole shebang.

The notes from the workshop last year was named “deeweedesux.pdf”. I see the point.

Apart from that I appear to be in documentation mode at the moment. Today I managed to get the DAT recording from the Cracker concert last fall to play so that I could get it digitized. DAT seems no better than DVD. I had to get hold of the actual DAT player used for the recording in order to play the tape. Even if it was recorded using a Tascam it would not play back on two other Tascam DAT players I tried. Not to speak of the Sony and JVC players I tried…


Project idea: DVD from Hell.

Exploring all possible features of DVDs (menues tracks chapters intros outros background movies subtitles slide shows scripts….) but getting it all wrong. Every time I help the kids playing a Disney DVD I’m amazed at how awkward it’s possible to make something that ought to be simple and straight forward. If I loose the remote control I’ll be unable to play most of the DVDs I’ve got just using the Play button on the player thanks to ridiculous interactive menues and extra features.


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