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Still working on documentation


I’m still using a lot of time documenting old projects. At the same time I’m also trying to make templates and default solutions that can result in a coherent look for past and future documentation and at the same time save me time when doing future documentation. Thinking in terms of templates.

By the end of the fellowship period in fall 2006 I have to provide decent documentation of the work I’ve been doing and this seems like a good time to create a structure for how to organize it.

It’s also a good time for improving my skills on video editing and DVD authoring. It will proberbly still take a while before I’m able to do video editing fluently but I’ve more or less figured out what I need to know concerning DVD authoring. I’m looking forward to start working systematicly on 5:1 surround sound. It will be interesting to see what difference that will make concerning documentation of sound from installations.


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