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I managed to make two filters for noise removal for Final Cut Pro yesterday using FXscript. I’m midway through a third one but right now I’m stuck with not finding a method for retrieving and setting single pixel values within an image.

Seaching the net I always seems to end up at one of Joe Maller’s web sites. He has made a number of FCP filters named Joe’s filters available as demoware/shareware. He’s also spent a lot of time documenting FXscript past the documentation offered by Apple. His documentation used to look like this but later on he registered and it seems like the old resource will close down at some stage. Actually I much prefer the content of the old site to the new one. The old one has descriptions of the process of making several scripts thus providing additional sample code to what comes with FCP. It also contains a number of filters that you proberbly won’t use for actual video editing but rather for debugging of your own scripts. The new site so far is made up from quoting function calls and a number of posts on bugs etc.

While I’m at it here is links to free FCP filters. Simon Kirby also has links to lots of other FCP related stuff.


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