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announcement – version 1.000 release candidate 1 of the video software
for theatre “mirage”.

From their experience in 2001 on “Huntsville L’Ordre du Monde” ( ) using max/nato.0+55
Pedro Soler &amp Georges Gagneré realised the necessity for a realtime
video tool specially designed for the constraints of the theatre – very
different from the needs of a vj. Fundamental was to develop a system
of presets powerful and rapid compositing tools and the ability to
work smoothly in a networked environment.

They invited Jasch ( to develop this tool with
them using Max &amp SoftVNS in OS9 &amp Mirage development process began in
august 2002 for the production of the theatre piece “La Pensée” (
premièred March 2003 Strasbourg - ). Since then it has been
used in numerous workshops in France the most recent being Escale 3 in
Mulhouse &amp Escale 4 in Paris (
where Jonathan Lee Marcus &amp Johnny Dekam worked on the port to OSX as
well as a general tidy up and the incorporation of multiple sources.

Work on this has now finished and we are pleased to present Mirage 1.000
for your experimentation. Mirage 1.000 is free software released under
the GNU General Public License – available both as source patches and
binary. To download contribute etc. go to :


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