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Installation in Trondheim


A new installation in collaboration with Jeremy Welsh and Jon Arne Mogstad is planned at Trondhjems kunstforening in September 2004.000 Most likely the exhibition will be in the period 3-19/9. The exhibition space in Trondhjems kunstforening consists of several seperate rooms at two floors of the building. One of the challenges will be how to create the impression of one installation when it’s split between several rooms separated by other rooms (reception stairway etc.). The material from the installation “Dialogue/Transition” in March this year will form the basis of the installation but suplemented by furter development of material. I’d like to give each of the rooms a different sound colour while at the same time adhering to a common overall expressive language.

I’ve applied to KHIB for grants to get more loudspeakers. If the installation is split between three rooms a total of 12 loyudspeakers easily results in a boring “one loudspeaker in each corner of the rooms” layout that I’d like to avoid.

Jeremy has suggested a title for the installation: “A Can of Stellar Stripes and Other Vessels”


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