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Sound Design


During the Reconances 2004 several interesting subprograms are offered. Ircam Forum Workshop is scheduled for October 13-15 in parallell to the Second symposium on Sound Design:

Sound design is a general term meaning activities of applied sounding creativity. Most of these activities have existed for a long time whereas others appeared with the development of sound editing/mixing tools and others are still being developed.

Nonetheless there has not yet been any founding process for sound design in the same way as for instance the Bauhaus Group formalized the relationship between Art workshop technology and Science while respecting the essence of each of these three domains and defining them with respect to industrial production.

Currently sound design is at the crossroad between many different domains and lacks a proper identity because many fundamental questions remain unanswered. We will try to give some answers to such questions pointing out first of all existing sound design practices (object space audio signalling media) then analyzing the processes in which they adapt to daily life applications and to the market. Finally such questioning will require that we state the limitations and requirements which would enable the definition of sound design as a domain per se.

Whilst sound design can take many shapes the goal of sound design is always rather the same: to modify to create sounds or sounding spaces to give meaning interest or aesthetics. In a way this can be close to the general concept of design which is to create while taking into account aesthetics and function.

The deadline for submission has been extended to the 25th of June.


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