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The last two days has been spent mainly relaxing but also reading Microsound by Curtis Roads (BTW: the book is about to be released as a paperback) and making an OSX port of CloudGenerator. the implementation is done using Max and Jitter. I’m using Jitter float32 matrixes for audio buffers in order to be able to access and write asynchronously to the buffers. Most of the features of the original CloudGenerator are implemented and working but some ar still missing:

Once all of this is done it will be (easily) possible to extend it. Some of the extensions I’d like to do are:

Some additional features are implemented already:

The final result will be released as a collective or standalone and also as Max patches. This way it’s possible to do further extensions and alterings of it depending on one’s needs. I hope to have finished implementing all features of the original CloudGenerator application in the next two weeks or so.

I’m going to use this for generating material for an installation in collaboration with Asbjørn Flø for Ultima in October. I’m also planning to use it for a number of other projects.


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