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Setting up PC


This post is written on a shuttleX PC that I&acute m setting up in order to be able to run Max from a PC as well. Next month I&acute m doing a new installation in collaboration with Jeremy and Jon Arne. This time it will be at Trondhjems kunstforening. The gallery space will be smaller than in Kristiansand but it&acute s divided into three different rooms so I have to find new ways of working on the material and on a practical level find new ways to distribute the sound in the various rooms. Proberbly I&acute ll have to use several computers to run the installation and that&acute s the reason why I&acute m setting up the shuttle now. I&acute m also planning on using 18 loudspeakers and a sub this time as compared to 12 loudspeakers in Kristiansand.

Update: Afterwards I also got time to install the driver for the built in audio card an Avance ac97 that has been very hard to get specs on. The shuttle has built in audio in/out using mini-jack and optical so I hoped that it would be possible to do at least 6 channels in and out with an ADAT converter. Unfortunately it seems to be 2 channels only 16 bits and with incredible latencies. That is: basicly useless.



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