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Working with Jana


Me and Jana had a good work session yesterday and the day before. Most of the time was spent discussing making various scetches for possible sounds to use and focusing on the concept of the project. I believe we came a lot closer to possible solutions for some of the major problems we’ve wanted to adress but one still remains in the blue: the relationship between the sounds the sensor matts and the movements of the kids. Both of us would like to have to kids listening attentative to the sounds but you don’t exactly encourage that by asking them to jump around in a frantic way.

I suppose that when you’re dealing with a good interface it will become more or less transparent to you so that you can focus on the actual task at hand. Either we’ll have to strive in that direction with the installation or we’ll have to make it incredibly awkward. At the moment it’s kind of inbetween. Our situation is that we’ve created the interface first but still being open to what it is supposed to be used for.

Favourite MaxMSP externals of the day: The RMI – Realtime Modal Instrument – ß 1 MaxMSP implementation of Modalys by the estimable Xoax.


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