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spam language


An interesting example of artists imitating the language of spam. The Oergaden Sound Art Festival sounds interesting.

dear trond lossius
Now backUT to serious mAttre LA Team bucklePixes the
cont0rsion once again to glitter the wildest PineXiang eastern t0uch
into Its nextroUte Ukase dr0p atchoK S-gUrd sUNset drill !
Today friday august 13’s outersPace Ukases will be premiered and derniered at
Overgaden Sound Art Festival ( ) in
Denmark (Greece).
More wants ?
Stay tuned for tonite’s crYstalOrbiT revelations about
outersPace Ukases onesh0t special.
Warnies pluSs ?
get ready to coverL the duckL !
wishing you the best always
LA Team
/ atum BOM ! /


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