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More on cue handling in Max


Tim Place has responded to my discussion concerning cue handling in Max at the Electrotap blog:

One recommendation he makes is that he would like to use the Jade scripting structure directly inside of Max. I’ve been resistant to this idea in the past (in part because you can just run Jade and Max at the same time in OS X anyway) but I’m starting to become more open to it now. Using Max 4.5’s Java support may make this a lot more feasible than it would have been previously. It’s a good idea anyway regardless of whether it makes it into version 2.0.

There are indications that in the future it might be possible to merge the pattr system and timeline. A complete rewrite and rethink of timeline has been herald to happen at some stage but this most proberbly won’t happen before MaxMSP 5 is released sometime in the future. Still I don’t think that a merge of pattr and timeline would be able to fully solve all issues discissed a few days ago.


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