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Start of semester


There are several new collegues at the Art Academy this autumn among them Jon Arne Sunnvia Inger-Lise and Roald. Yesterday at day time we had a long staff meeting planning activities for the coming two semesters. In the evening we were all dining at Jeremy’s place. It was a nice evening. I’ve missed the possibility of informal discussions on an ongoing basis in the staff. I guesss everyone was overworked last semester and never had the time. Hopefully this will improve. Next week we’re all going for a four day “get together” excursion to Iceland. I’m looking forward to that.

Most of today has been spent participating in a one-day pedagogic seminar. I studied pedagogy at the Grieg Academy some years ago. I hoped that the subject of the day would deal with what is particular about education at an Art and design school. Instead we got a quick and dirty scan of general theory on didacticism. Nothing new to me and the day felt more or less wasted.

There’s another party tonight this time for all of the staff at KHIB. I’m already tired….


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