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Preparing for Trondheim


I’m preparing the equipment for Trondheim: Making sure the computers are set up and running as supposed to packing loudspeakers amplifiers cables you name it. Staff passing by are making jokes about the current state of mess at the office.

I’m always surprised at how long it takes to gather all the equipment setting up computers test etc. The Win XP Shuttle has been running with some Max patches for two days without any problems now and that’s a good sign. Maybe I should keep it running until Monday just to see if it is still playing smoothly.

I’ve never used Max on Windows before so this is the one technical issue I’m the least sure about for the installations.

Tomorrow I’m of to Reykjarvik along with the rest of the staff at the Art Academy coming back late Sunday. Early Monday me and Jon Arne will get hold of a car get the equipment and paintings in and set of for Trondheim.


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