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Stepping down as director of BEK



I am resigning as director of BEK.

Over the last year, my work situation have felt increasingly schizophrenic, attention scattered between numerous tasks including accounting, budgets, general administration, writing applications, doing server maintenance, develop new web site for BEK, doing research and development, contributing to Jamoma and SpatDIF, participating in the SID European research project, assisting artists, producing events, you name it. The workload has gotten out of hand, and I have barely had time of since last summer.

Recently we had a meeting of the board at BEK, and spent time getting a thorough overview of all major and minor tasks required to keep BEK running. Next we started brainstorming what would be a sensible way of distributing responsibilities among the staff. Gradually a picture emerged where it seemed beneficial to make a clearer separation between administration/management and artistic research and development. The vacant position as director was advertised in the local paper last Saturday. Application deadline is June 14th.

I am not leaving BEK, but over the coming months my position will hopefully get a stronger emphasis on artistic research and development (“faglig virksomhet” would be the proper word in Norwegian) and I will get a new boss.

I am looking forward to that!


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