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WinXP audio newbie


I’m a complete newbie when it comes to audio stuff on WinXP. In August I struggled to set up audio on my Shuttle. Even though it’s got a cheap 6 channel sound card (for 5.100 audio) I never got it to work on more than 2 channels. Posts to the Max mailing list yesterday and today finally gave me the clues required to get it to work properly. Apparently multichannel output is only possible in applications using an ASIO driver. The ad_mme and ad_directsound audio drivers
only support two channels. There’s no custom ASIO driver available for the sound card at my Shuttle as far as I know of but the general ASIO4ALL driver do the trick.

The sound card is nothing spectacular 6 channels only and nothing but 16 bits 44.100 kHz but still it’s better than nothing.



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