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Don't Panic


Matt Ingals has made a Freedom Meter a Mac OSX Finder Menu utility that displays the current
Threat Advisory level issued by the Department of Homeland Security. Quoting a mail received yesterday:

Terrorists want to destroy our Freedom.
In these coming challenging weeks before the Presidential Election
keep yourself prepared for a possible attack by using
“FreedomMeter” for Mac OS X.

The FreedomMeter monitors the Department of Homeland Security’s
Terrorist Threat Advisory Level and conveniently displays it in the
Finder’s Menu Bar. Keep the FreedomMeter in your
System Preference Startup Items to keep alert at all times.

Protect yourself Freedom and the Homeland -

Maybe Matt should get himself a “Don’t Panic” towel.

As a total contrast to this I remember the attitude of the Angolean artist Antonio OlĂ© that I met durting World Wide Video Festival 2001.000 He said that he liked living in a war zone. “It keeps you awake.”


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