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gRainy Days: 1rst phase completed


I can hardly believe it! I’ve completed the first phase of the development of gRainy Days my Max/Jitter-based API for non-real-time granulation synthesis. All features of the OS9 application CloudGenerator are now implemented with several additions.

Complaining yesterday seemed to help for the rest of the evening I made one interesting sonic texture after another. I get the impression that tweeking of parameters is the key to getting interesting results. Also using asyncronous grain distribution drastically reduces distortions resembling amplitude modulations/chorus/phasor.

Some tidying up to do but that can wait:

According to Curtis Roads (private communication) the Statistical Evolution progress when granulating buffers seldom produced interesting results. That surprised me cause I’ve used similar strategies a lot for the last year in real time thanks to the vdb~ abstraction part of

bennies parts of the real-time IRCAM forum.

For future development here’s some ideas I have (so that I don’t forget about it):

I’m imagening that it should be possible to create sonic textures with really smooth and continuous transformations of timbral quality.


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