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In the last month or so there has been an ongoing discussion on the Max mailing list on how to deal with timelines cues etc. and the needs for further development.

My suggestion have been that C74 could adapt the solutions developed by Tim Place for Jade. Further development of the pattr system seems to be likely but not as extensive as I would like to see.

The really good news today is that Tim Place has announced that he’s relaunching the Jamoma project licensed according to Lesser GPL. This mean that it will be a generally available solution can be adapted to fit your need. I’m willing to commit myself to contribute substantially to this.

I don’t know what state Jamoma is in at the moment there’s no downloads available at Sourceforge yet but if possible I’d like to use it for a two week tour in april. I’d also have time for testing and further development. I’d reallyb love to see this baby growing up. Fast!


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