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Borealis & Sound in Focus


This week the Borealis festival of contemporary music is going on in Bergen. Today and tomorrow the Art Academy is hosting a number of presentations. First out today was Justin Bennett whos work I really liked. Next Leif Inge talked about 9 Beet Stretch to be presented at Bergen Domkirke starting at 13:00 and continue for 24 hours.

After lunch with Justin I went over to listen to 9 Beet. It was impossible to get away I stayed for 3 hours. It took me half an hour to manage to get out of the place. Totally captivating.

In the evening: Kreutzerkompani presenting Krets at Teatergarasjen. Sound by Justin and stage design by HC Gilje.

Tomorrow Gavin Bryars and Terry Riley are giving presentations at KHIB and BEK respectively. They are partly overlapping in time so I’m not sure that I’ll be able to attend both of them.


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