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Tomorrow I’m giving a presentation to staff and students at KHIB of my project for the Research Fellowships in the Arts.

Rereading the project description and the presentation I did during a two day gathering in October is interesting. I’m going to do a number of collaborations with other artists. For each of the projects I sketched a working process as follows:

So far this is a pretty good description of what I’ve been doing. The two first
months of the fellowship period has mainly been used for technical research.
I’ve moved to OSX and got to terms with Max OSX. My own Max externals are now
ported to OSX. I’ve also spent some time on Jade
by Tim Place. Jade seems promising as a shell for scripting large scale structures and time based events
in Max patches for performances and installations.

Verdensteatret has started development of the next production. I’ve started
developing material for a collaboration with Jeremy Welsh and also spent some
time with Jana Winderen and Jørgen Træen on an installation for
kids to be premiered early March. Tomorrow Kurt
arrives in Bergen and we’re going to spend the rest of the week
working on a joint video and sound installation.


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