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Pdmp for Max


Ali Momeni has ported Pmpd – Physical modelling for Pd to MaxMSP.

pmpd is a collection of object for with pd. These objects provide real-time simulations specially physical behaviors. pmpd can be used to create natural dynamic systems like a bouncing ball string movement Brownian movement chaos fluid dynamics sand gravitation and more. It can also be used to create displacements thus allowing a completely dynamic approach of pd computing.

With pmpd physical dynamics can be modelled without knowing the global equation of the movement. Only the cause of the movement and the involved structure are needed for the simulation. pmpd provides the basic objects for this kind of simulation. Assembling them allows the creation of a very large variety of dynamic systems.

These object are designed to be used with pd (pd). pd is a real time graphical programming environment dedicated for audio signal processing. Pd allow the creation of object and it is well adapted of the creation of particular physical modelling. GEM is a pd library dedicated to images processing. In the provided pmpd examples GEM is used for the movement visualisation.

I haven’t tested yet but Pdmp seems to be able to work on physical modelling in ways that might resemble Genesis. Genesis is currently not publicly available and AFAIK only runs on Silicon Graphics. The Italian composer Giuseppe Gavazza is using Genesis. He had a recidency at USF in bergen a few years ago and is back for another recidency right at the moment. He played me some music and sound last time he was visiting Bergen and that stunning.


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