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tl.objects v.2.1


I’ve just uploaded a new version of tl.objects a bunch of MaxMSP/Jitter externals aimed at synthesis and whatever else I might be doing.

This version depends on Max 4.500 in particular for a number of features of the help files. Apart from that the most important change is the addition of a bunch of new abstractions:

Iterating up and down and a metro:

Keyboard as toggles

Some utils for Jitter

Tuning and detuning:

Vibrato and 1/f drift in MIDI frequency and signal domain:

Tremolo and FM:


Display of sound signal:

If you experience any problems with the objects please let me know.

Update: Wesley Smith posted a really nice solution for extending so that it can display info for any matrix in the patch. I’ll see if I can roll this into the distro over the next few days.


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