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Room to be used for Generator.x


Riksutstillinger (I’m not sure what their proper title is now that they have been integrated as part of Nasjonalmus√©et for kunst design og arkitektur) are currently building custom rooms that will be used for the various installations at the Generator.x exhibition. Yesterday I got some snapshots of what the rooms looks like at the moment. The room that will be used for my installation will use black or semi-black molton instead of off-white canvas.

Yesterday I ordered loudspeakers and amplifiers to use for the exhibition. I’ll be using 4 Amina flat panel speakers one for each of the walls.

Ideally I’d like the audience to be able to sit down in the room. I find that generally the audience don’t tend to stay for more than a few minuites in a sound installation unless they’re able to sit down and rest their legs. But the room is not that big and I’m afraid that if there’s something to sit on in the middle of it they’ll have to walk very close to the walls when getting into and out of the room and thus the speakers might be at risk. Also if there’s to be a bench or similar it have to fit in with the look of the room. One option could be to use two saccos. I’ll probably wait deciding until I’m in Oslo and get to see the room.


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