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Acoustics textile and an anechoic chamber


Today I was in charge of the ongoing workshop on acoustics and textiles. I’d prepared for three sessions on different topics but then along came a fourth and really exciting one.


In the morning I gave a self presentation showing documentation from various sound installations I’ve been doing and talking about them. I’ve been doing quite a lot of self presentations over the last two years. At one point I was getting really tired of myself but I now find that it’s quite interesting and worthwhile for myself to do this kind of presentations. My own focus what problems I’m currently concerned with etc. changes with every project I’m doing and doing this kind of presentations becomes a vehicle for seeing earlier projects in a new light. Given the topic of the workshop and my recent experience with the White-out installation at USF I tended to select installations based on if/how they dealt with the acoustics of the space:


I’d prepared a Max patch that was easy to fiddle around with in order to do a practical demonstration of some of the concepts introduced last week by Tor: Frequency wavelength spectrum harmonic content formants logarithmic perception etc. I also played a sound file with some text and applied reverb (Audio Ease impulse responses) to it while looking at the sonogram. It was quite instructive to see how all transitional sound was smeared out if the reverb got big enough.


This section we didn’t get time to do. I’d planned to present some music and sound art that I find interesting and that is dealing with space in one way or another. Also wanted to present some sound art that seems to be tangential to the projects the students are currently working on:



While I was lecturing I received a call from Haukeland confirming that we could come to see the anechoic chamber. Of we went in a maxi-taxi. I’ve posted more photos at Flickr.

Afterwards we continued to “Bygg for basale bilogifag” a university building nearby. Natasha Barret has a permanent sound installation at the building. Her installation has caused some controversy among the users and unfortunately it was shut down today. I don’t know if this was an occational occurence or is now a more or less the permanent state but the staff at the reception desk didn’t exactly appear to be eager to help us getting in touch with whoever is maintaining the installation in order to turn it on…


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