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Images and sound from Traced Spaces


“Staged Spaces” by Karen Kipphoff and myself is currently exhibited at Bergen kunsthall as part of the “Tracing Spaces” exhibition. December 20 is the last chance to see it.



Last Monday we took the opportunity while the gallery was closed to do some documentation. We’ll continue tomorrow. Above are two photographs Karen took. I had rented mics for the occation but one of them was broken so I had to use some I found at Landmark instead not of quite the same quality. I turned the sound way up before recording to increase the signal to noise ratio in the room during recording. You can still hear a door slamming occationally in a room next door to the space. I tested different mic setups: coincident pairs near-coincident pairs and spaced pairs. Tomorrow I’m also going to do binaural recording.

The sound documentation from some of the projects I’ve been doing lately is really horribly most noticeable from the “White-out” installation at USF with Kurt Ralske in September/October and “Quiet and relaxed but alert” with Jana Winderen at Galleri F15 last summer. This has led me to realise that I have to do a systematic investigation of how to better document the sound of the installations I’m doing. When the installations are done outside Bergen limited time of course becomes a problem. I need access to the gallery space after the opening while it’s closed to the general public in order to avoid more noise than necsessary leaking into the recordins. I also need to get myself two good quality directional condenser mics of the same kind for the purpose.



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