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New and updated audio software


Praat 4.400 was released recently.

PWGL is an OpenGL based visual programming language specialized in computer aided composition and sound synthesis. PWGL is a successor of PatchWork (PW) and aims to develop and improve many of the useful concepts behind PW. Available for Mac OSX and Windows XP.

DVD Audio Solo is a fairly cheap (US$ 35) application for authoring DVD-audio. Supports up to 6-track 192kHz 24bit formats.

On to MaxMSP stuff:

Emanuel Jourdan has announced ejies 1.54 a MaxMSP library with loads of JavaScript goodies.

The boids flocking algorithm by Craig Reynolds has been treated to some new implementations in MaxMSP: The original object by Eric Singer has been licensed as GNU LPGL. jasch and andré sier have expanded the code to two and three dimentions. Wesley Smith has implemented the algorithm in Jitter. The new packages can be found here:

André Sier has also made a library named a-objects.

As part of his PhD work Alexander Refsum Jensenius has released Musical Gestures Toolbox v.0.4.5 a while ago.


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