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Generator.x at Tau scene


The second leg of the touring exhibition Generator.x opened at Tau scene in Stavanger last Saturday. Having worked like crazy last week for the LMW stunt Friday afternoon the evening was spent packing down and carrying stuff back to my studio. BTW: Some images from the event can be found here.

Saturday morning I was driving to Stavanger for the opening. Depending on the weather that might be a nice 5 hours drive but this Saturday the weather was awful.

I got time to do some adjustments before the opening: Substituting for a better amplifier to get more volume and cleaner sound as well as doing some changes to how the ambisonic decoding happens in order to get more spacial depth and definition.

The curator Marius Watz had also arrived in Stavanger for the opening. He did a presentation of Generator.x in general and afterwards I did a short artist talk. After the opening Marius and Gisle Frøysland teamed up with local electronica musicians for three sets of VJ/electronica.

I’ve never been to Tau before so it was interesting seeing. The buildings used to belong to the local brewery but are currently being turned into one of the major art venues in Norway for all kinds of contemporary expressions.

The exhibition was now split over two spaces with the four art works being exhibited in “ølhaller” very rought spaces that suited the works excellent. The spaces are much darker than the Kunsthall at Tullinløkka was and the three video projects worked a lot better than in Oslo. In particular it became obvious that Chris Reas work has suffered from to much light being reduced to a bleak screen-saver-like projection. In Stavanger it worked a lot better and made much more sense.

Marius has posted several pictures at Flickr. I can’t find the cable for my camera at the moment but as soon as I can I’ll upload some photos from the exhibition.


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