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nSlam 2.0000 & xjimmies for Max/MSP announced


**Over 50 objects to deal with multichannel sound sound source
simulation and immersive audio. All of them gloriously open source. Get nSLAM 2.000 and the xjimmies library for Max/MSP here:

New Release announcement


Multi-channel audio suite for streaming spatialization and signal
processing for musicians sound artists and audio/music system developers.

This release is for the Max/MSP environnement (OSX Windows). To get a
version of the xjimmies and the example apps for another
environement/platform see:

What is nSLAM?

nSLAM is an open-source audio suite for multi-channel audio application
development developed by the SAT Audio Group. It is written for the PD
(Pure Data by M. Puckette) environment and includes a library of
low-level DSP objects called – xjimmies – (most of which has been also
ported to Max/MSP) online help and example applications for
multi-channel audio streaming and immersive audio among others.

The – xjimmies – library included with nSLAM v2.0 offers new
functionality not defined in the original – jimmies – (IRCAM 1994) running
under Max/MSP. Specifically a number of new objects have been added
for working with multichannel sound sound source simulation and
immersive audio. The name of the library formerly – jimmies – was
changed to – xjimmies – since the – X – -platform library runs in both PD
(Windows/OS-X/Linux) and now in Max/MSP (Windows/OS-X).

nSLAM includes some example applications for didactic and practical
purposes the applications can be easily cannibalized by users looking
for spare parts or wishing to develop their own custom applications.
Applications for multi-channel streaming and sound processing are offered.

For complete documentation:

nSlam is developed and offered by the TOT audio group of the SAT
(Societé des Arts Technologiques Montréal)

TOT audio group (
Zack Settel
Jean-Michel Dumas
Simon Piette

The xjimmies should not be mistaken for the original jimmies
library (IRCAM) which can be obtained here.


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