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The installation at the Quart festival


Q-art installation 1

The information sign for the installation at the Quart festival in Kristiansand last week. It has a kind of circus feeling. The Quart festival is the biggest rock festival in Norway. This year it also featured two sound installations one by Jørgen Larson and the other by Lossius – Mogstad – Welsh combining sound video and painting.

Q-art installation 2

Both sound installations were situated in containers. This is a view from the outside of our container with big container-style corporate LMW painted on to it. The short end of the container has additional painting added to it. The inside of the container was quite dark with a small mainly black and white video presented on a small LCD screen at the far end of it. Along one of the sides of the container 8 loudspeakers were used for sound with various layers of sound moving back and forth. The sound was mainly based on recordings of me going bananas hitting the container in various ways. These recordings were further treated. The idea was to make sure that the sounds used would contain (sic!) a lot of resonating frequencies bringing the container into vibration. Sound volume was fairly loud. It had to be as we had the distant sound from the concerts making a very clear presence.

Walking into the container the perception would be bewildered. One would be unsure how long the container was and how far away the video projection was. The sound would make a strong physical impact and you would feel that the whole of the container was moving and shaking including the floor that you were standing on. On sunny days the container would also get quite hot making it a slightly uncomfortable and bewildering experience.

Pictures by Jeremy Welsh.


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