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Handmade Electronic Music


Handmade Electronic Music: The Art of Hardware Hacking
Nicolas Collins
Routledge 2006
ISBN 0-415-97592-1

In these days of digital music production – laptop performers GarageBand audio programming environments (Max/ MSP PD supercollider) &amp iPod DJ’s it’s very easy to forget the simple facts of electronic music. We forget the hidden ugly component parts of our pretty iMacs &amp Viaos resistors capacitors chips &amp electrical current which enable us to run our software or download bit torrents were once the direct (analogue) source of sound.

Early electronic music (&amp the recording of music itself) was born of experimenting artists &amp engineers patiently listening to the bleeps swoops and crackles of electricity as it flowed through components loving soldered together by hand. The early pioneers of electronic music had to build their own instruments from scratch finding new sounds as they went inventing entirely new musical languages &amp forms pulling new sounds from the ether.

Reviewed at Furtherfield.


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